Liebster Blog Award

Now that I have gotten my Christmas shopping and card making completed, I can finally acknowledge with heartfelt appreciation the Liebster Award granted to me by one of my most favorite bloggers and followers, The Island Traveler at “This Man’s Journey”. Thank you so much Island Traveler for bestowing this honor.

Liebster is German for beloved or dearest. The Liebster Award is granted to a blogger who has less than 200 followers but the awarded blog stands out to the grantor as being valued and appreciated. To fully acknowledge the award, the recipient then passes it on to five of their favorite inspirational bloggers who deserve recognition. This is a wonderful way to spread the love and share in this gift of appreciation, especially at Christmas!

Liebster Award Rules:

  • Thank the blogger who awarded you and link back to their blog.
  • Post the award on your blog.
  • List 5 other bloggers you want to recognize.
  • Inform your top 5 by leaving a comment on their blog.

The Liebster Award goes to…

Sophia at “Just 4 Crafters” ~ Sophia is my favorite blog follower and fellow crafter. She has beautiful crafts and cards on her site and has a caring heart. She offers techniques and detailed instructions so that anyone at any skill level can complete a beautiful craft with ease. I find much inspiration from her blog and her website. She is also a wonderful blog friend and I am happy to have met her in the blogosphere.

Helen at “Helen’s Journal” ~ Helen is a photographer and shares her extraordinary photos on her blog. She provides inspirational quotes for her photographs that serve as unique captions. The combined presentation helps the reader see the point of view from the photographer. She has a wonderful “eye” for images and scenery and has taught me that “less” means so much “more”.

Scarlett at “Blue, Purple, & Scarlett” ~ When I think of Scarlett, I think “Talented Artist”. I found her blog by visiting Sophia’s site. Scarlett shares crafts, drawings, paintings, Christmas crafts such as hot air balloon ornaments and jarred winter scenes with powdered sugar, and so much more. If you want to be inspired, you should check out her blog. I am always in awe when I see her handmade cards using her own drawings.

Lindsey at “La Georgia Paperie” ~ Lindsey’s blog is one of the first crafting blogs I followed when I first started my blog in February of this year. This is also when I delved into my love of cardmaking. Lindsey’s blog was so helpful to me because I learned of cardmaking tools that have proven to be invaluable for this hobby. I also gained inspiration from seeing her lovely creations. Lindsey has had a new arrival, the birth of her first child – a beautiful baby boy, and readers can follow along at her other blog “The Accidental Wallflower“.

Lindsay at “Craftymonster81” ~ Lindsay makes beautiful, detailed cards using PanPastels (painting with pure artist pigments). All of her designs are intricate and you can see the amount of time each labor of love involves. Truly inspirational creations. I also enjoy seeing her card designs such as easel and pop out cards. Lindsay provides step by step tutorials to her readers so that they too can try these unique cards.

One Last Thank You

I must share my heartfelt appreciation for the Island Traveler at “This Man’s Journey“. If I could award the Liebster Blog Award back to him, I most definitely would. To find a kindred soul in the world today that shares your values and your hopes for a better world is a true blessing. The Island Traveler is a kind and genuine family man. You can hear the love he has for his family in his words and you can feel his kindness to others by his support of fellow bloggers. I have been blessed to be able to follow his personal story and to share in the wonderful photos of his family’s adventures. He has a truly inspirational blog and is most definitely worth a visit!

9 thoughts on “Liebster Blog Award

  1. Hello Vanessa, thank you so much for your kind comments, I have found some lovely friends in the Blogosphere including yourself and Sophia – you are both so inspirational. Helen xx

  2. Hi Vanessa! Thank you so much for honoring me with the Liebster Blog Award. I can’t express my appreciation enough for all of your positive comments. I have also found wonderful friends in the Blogosphere like you, Helen, Lindsay and Scarlett. Thanks to all of you for sharing your inspirational projects! ~Sophia

    • Hi Sophia! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year! Sorry I have been missing in action lately. I think I just needed a break from the holiday deadlines. But I am happy to be back now and look forward to continuing following your lovely creations. Thanks for your wonderful support as always! ~Vanessa

  3. Hi and Merry Christmas!!! You are so sweet, thanks so much, I really appreciate your thinking of my little bloggy and including me in this post. THANK YOU! I enjoy our blog as well, so happy I found you. Looking forward to seeing more of your work in 2012!

    • Hi Scarlett, I hope you had a wonderful Christmas! I have really enjoyed seeing your Christmas creations and look forward to seeing more of your work in the new year as well! Blessings to you and your family! Take care! Vanessa

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