Rudy & Trudy Reindeer – Made from Soap and Washcloths

This is an oldie but goody project for young and old alike! I made 11 sets of Rudy and Trudy Reindeer out of soap and washcloths and gave each set to my co-workers in December 2009. I just stumbled onto some pictures of this project and have never shared it on a blog before so I thought I would share it here today! I originally learned of this fun craft when I was in 7th grade. Our class made one from a brown washcloth and I had so much fun adding the google eyes and red pom-pom for the nose. I remember the antlers giving me trouble back then and my teacher helped me add the pipe cleaners so that my project would look right! 🙂 The pictures are clickable for a larger view. For my co-workers I went and purchased oval baskets from Dollar Tree and I also bought shredded Kraft filler for the sweet pair to sit on. And because I was so happy with how they turned out, I decided to add a sweet treat and looked online for fun Christmas munchies. I bought food-safe Christmas bags to put the treats in and then placed these inside brown paper lunch bags that I could stamp on and tie with Christmas cord. I created recipe cards in Word and titled the recipes to match the Rudy and Trudy reindeer couple. The whole project was so fun to make and it made for a great holiday gift exchange. Here are the recipe Word files in case you would like to make these! Rudy’s Famous Reindeer Munch and Trudy’s Winter Wonderland Snow Crunch. I simply printed these off onto 4×6 photo paper and put them behind the reindeer in the basket.

Directions for the Reindeer Craft


  • Thin ivory washcloth for Trudy (thin affordable cloths at Wal-mart)
  • Thin tan washcloth for Rudolph aka Rudy
  • 4 brown pipe cleaners
  • 2 bars of soap such as Ivory (can be any scent and can serve as a light air freshener)
  • 4 small google eyes
  • 1 medium red pom-pom for Rudy
  • 1 small black pom-pom for Trudy
  • 12 jingle bells for the antlers (small works best due to weight on the pipe cleaners)
  • 2 rubber bands (use a durable thickness and length such as a medium size)
  • Ribbon or craft-sized holly garland to hide the rubber band
  • Hot glue gun or fabric glue
  • Scissors or Wire Cutters


  • Place the washcloth on your work surface and turn it around until it resembles a diamond shape. Unwrap your bar of soap and place it on the washcloth parallel with your body. Fold in the top and bottom corners of the wash cloth as you would wrapping a present.  Gather the left and right ends up around the bar of soap and secure with a rubber band.  Pull the left and right ends out to resemble ears and to tighten the rubber band’s grip. Next, take a long pipe cleaner and wrap both ends around the rubber band snuggly and then twist it once or twice near the reindeer’s body to secure. This should now leave you with two free ends that can be bent straight up. If desired, trim the longer end to match the other end’s length with scissors or wire cutters. Take another pipe cleaner and cut it in half. Wrap each half around each side of the pipe cleaner that’s attached to the reindeer body. I wrapped mine twice for durability. Next shape the antlers to your liking and secure jingle bells to the tops of the antlers by threading the free ends of the pipe cleaners through the bells’ loops and folding the ends over to lock them in place. Next, hot glue two google eyes to each reindeer face. You can use smaller eyes for Trudy and perhaps add craft eyelashes or buy google eyes with the lashes painted on. I also applied blush to Trudy’s cheeks using a paint brush and some pink blush cosmetics. Glue on a small black pom-pom for Trudy’s nose and a medium red pom-pom for Rudy’s nose. To hide the rubber band used to secure the cloth, wrap a decorative Christmas ribbon around it and make a bow or use Christmas holly garland (bought at Wal-mart) to add a woodsy Christmas look with holly and berries.

Thanks for looking! Vanessa