Scrumptious Sugar Cookies with Shiny Icing

I made these cookies the other day and they taste great!  I found the sugar cookie and icing recipes at the following links:

Sugar Cookies with Icing

I used McCormick Assorted Neon food colorings (green and pink  ~ 3 drops each).  I used 2 heart-shaped cookie cutters and 2 different sized biscuit cutters for the circle shapes.  A tip on the icing is to follow the directions carefully.  I jumped ahead too quick and found it hard to stir the ingredients once I added the corn syrup.  I was saved by adding more milk (eyeballing it) and adding a bit more until I liked the consistency.  You are supposed to stir the confectioner’s sugar and milk to a fine mix before adding the corn syrup and I did the exact opposite!  I dumped all the ingredients in the bowl at once and then tried to stir which turned into a gloppy, sticky mess and only more milk saved the day!  For a minute there, I thought I was going to have to dump the whole thing and start the icing all over again.  Live and learn.  Read the directions all the way through first which is something I was taught in school but clearly forgot in this case! 🙂  Luckily, my added milk didn’t hurt the overall icing consistency.  It turned out to be quite easy to spread on the cookies with a simple teaspoon.  So it all worked out in the end and the cookies and icing taste great!