Little Moments – My Attempt at Stamping

For Christmas, I received a nice collection of stamps. I admit that stamping is an area that I’m not that comfortable in but I want to incorporate more stamping in my cards. The only way for me to learn is to experiment and watch YouTube videos! 🙂 Today’s card is different from what I usually make (no Cricut!). It started with a small piece of blue cardstock found in a scrap drawer.  I used a tree branch stamp from Inkadinkado’s “Delicate Branches” set in black ink and then in white ink. As the picture developed of a tree canopy I applied more black branches using only part of the stamp. This stamp set also has two bird images. I stamped birds in black ink and then on one bird, I lightly stamped white on top for the look of light reflecting on its back.

"Little Moments" Card

I used the “little moments” stamp from American Craft’s Dear Lizzy 5th & Frolic set. I stamped it in white (must have pressed too hard because it looks smeared) and then again in black. Since I was somewhat pleased with my stamping, I decided to make a card! Yay! 🙂 The card base is 5×7 in Kraft cardstock and then I used “Everyday Moments” paper from Recollections (Michael’s). I used three sheets of paper cut in different sizes, not fussing with symmetry. I just layered mats until I liked it. In a happy coincidence, one of the papers features a definition of the word “moment” and glittery birds. It ties in with my stamped birds and the “little moments” stamp.

Close - Up

So there it is! A humble take on stamping. Hopefully it looks ok for a beginner! I’m still struggling with my new camera. I can’t seem to get the lighting right inside or outside! At least the photos are clickable for more close ups.

Thanks for checking it out!


Have You Ever Wanted to Design Your Own Stamp Line?

I did some rigorous research recently on creating your own line of stamps. It was frustrating, and admittedly, angered me a bit. I finally had a break through on Google when I (in my best estimation) entered the right word combo or maybe the perfect key words. Who knows, but at least I found a result.

This curiosity all began when I started seeing some of my favorite crafting blogs getting their own stamps made. They sell their own line of stamps on their blogs through PayPal. I don’t think I’m ready for that kind of venture but I thought it would be nice to know for the future – in case my little craftiness took me there down the road.

So the Googling began and I couldn’t find any hints on my personally favored craft blogs on how they got started or who manufactured their stamps. So I gave up on Googling their blog names combined with stamp manufacturing key words and just started looking for stamp manufacturers. Most of the results took me to office supply stores for custom rubber stamps for addresses or monograms. That’s not what I need. I’m talking about 4×6 sheets of clear stamps. So I searched on clear stamp manufacturers and I hit the jackpot. The manufacturer that I found says exactly what I was looking for on their stamps page: “Interested in developing a clear stamp product line? Give us a call – don’t go to market with anything less than Superior ClearTM”. So if you’re interested in your own line of stamps, check out Stewart Superior. Or keep this tidbit in your back pocket for future use.

Once I had the manufacturing name, I Googled for stamp sellers that actually use them and I only found two sites that were kind enough to share their crafty secrets regarding their stamps: “My Time Made Easy” and “My Sentiments Exactly”. Here are the links to their statements about using Stewart Superior:

  • Excerpt: I am so proud to announce that we went to the BEST for producing our images-Stewart Superior! I invite you to read about them. They have been a dream to work with the last couple months. This company is used by all the top companies, and now we are part of that lineup! You can have the best quality images for an affordable price! Our images are ready to use! They are packaged on 4 X 6 acrylic sheets, with the images/stamp set name printed onto the acetate sheets you store them on.
  • Excerpt: Mse stamps line uses only superior clear photopolymer by stewart superior. This reactant liquid compound is hardened into a stamp through exposure to uv light. The great advantages of superior clear is that the stamp is formed in the size and shape of the image so you will never need to spend extra time cutting or pulling apart each image. There will be no over stamping from excess plastic around the image.

Stewart Superior talks about their customer list on their site: “We used to list out all the companies using Superior Clear.  However, we found that it became a prospecting list for our competitors.  Therefore, we will just say that many of the best companies offering the best designs on the best quality photopolymer – are our customers. Give us a try… you won’t be disappointed.”

In some more digging, I found a message board that says Papertrey Ink (PTI) uses Stewart Superior for their stamps but this was posted by an anonymous user of the site so this can not be confirmed and I’m sure PTI won’t disclose either! 🙂

Please feel free to share with your crafty friends in case they want to start their own line. If this was helpful, please leave a comment. I know there are other crafters out there that have wondered the same as me on how these stamp lines evolved, especially from crafting blogs-turned-entrepreneurs.