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If you’re like me, you may have noticed by now that buying paper for your paper crafts can be quite expensive.  One issue I have run into is the availability of affordable cardstock that is flexible and light-weight enough to make envelopes for your home-made cards that can be mailed usually with just one stamp.  I live in Georgia but I have family in other states, so just handing them a card I created is not always possible.  And since card making is my new passion, I started checking out the available papers and learned that getting a size big enough to make a proper 5×7 envelope for a nice sized card is not only pricey but the paper choices are limited.  I have a Cricut Expression which allows me to make 5×7 envelopes by using a 12×24 Cricut mat and 12×24 paper.  One frustrating thing I learned about Cricut’s 12×24 paper is that they only carry white 80 lb. cover cardstock in a mixed pad of black and white.  This means you are going to spend $15 for a “Cricut 12-Inch-by-24-Inch Cardstock Pad, Black & White” at Amazon and you only get 12 sheets of white and 12 sheets of black.  I learned by experimenting with envelope sizes using my Design Studio (DS) Cricut software that I can use 11×17 cardstock on my 12×24 Cricut mat. So I bought a ream of 11×17 white 65 lb. cover cardstock from Desktop Publishing Supplies Inc. for only $24.95 and it totals 250 sheets!  Plus the 65 lb. cover cardstock is lighter and more flexible and makes wonderful envelopes with crisp lines when scored.

My recent order to Desktop Publishing Supplies Inc. (  consisted of: 

  • 11×17 65lb Cover White Cardstock ~ 250 sheets for $24.95 Item 59271             
  • 8 1/2 x 11 80lb Black Cardstock ~ 25 sheets for $4.95 Item 59940-25

I bought the smaller sized black cardstock so that I could make ladybugs, bees, butterflies, etc. from the WIMG cartridge.  I didn’t need huge sheets of this because I am only cutting the image layers (not cards and envelopes).  Not a bad price of $4.95 for 25 sheets of durable cardstock for layering.

Things to keep in mind when making envelopes and cards for mailing:

  • Paper has to be light in color if you hand address.
  • If you use patterned paper or dark colors, you need an address label.
  • 11×17 or 12×24 paper is required to make a 5×7 envelope (and in most cases a 4×6 if using Wild Card’s fun shaped envelopes and cards).
  • If you cut the square envelope and card  from the Walk in My Garden (WIMG) cartridge, you will need to apply additional postage.  Square shapes are considered irregular and have to be manually processed at an additional 20 cents.

2 thoughts on “Paper Solutions

  1. Hi Vanessa! I never seem to be able to make the large envelopes with my Cricut and you explained why. Thank you!!! Instead I have been using an envelope template from Judikins which allows you to make a 5″, 5-1/2″ and 6″ square envelope on 12 x 12 paper. Granted the Cricut would be easier but this is fairly simple since all I have to do is trace and cut. I will give my Cricut another try with your helpful notes!!! Thanks again!!! ~Sophia

    • Hi Sophia! I’m glad this page was helpful. I love using the 12×24 Cricut mats with longer paper to get the needed 5×7 envelope size. I tend to make most of my cards 5×7, sometimes 4×6, and I use this longer mat for all of my envelope cutting. It’s just faster and easier that way. It sounds like you got a nice method too with the template from Judikins. I will have to check that out. Thanks as always for stopping by and leaving such a nice, supportive comment. Have a wonderful weekend! ~Vanessa

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