Birthday Treat Boxes

Recently, my sister and I checked out my new cartridge, “Tags, Bags, Boxes, and More 2” (TBBM2), to find an easy favor box that could be mass-produced for my mother-in-law’s birthday party. The easiest one that requires no adhesive and no scoring tool blade is the “flap box flower” or “FlpBxFwr” on page 66 of the TBBM2 handbook. The largest I could cut the box using 12×12 cardstock was 9.5 inches. This size ended up being perfect for a party favor size and held six pieces of wrapped candy such as Hershey’s Kisses and Miniatures.

I made 12 boxes. To speed up the loading and cutting time of my mat, I used a 12×24 mat with two pieces of 12×12 cardstock – one on each end. I’m a Design Studio fan so I placed two 9.5 boxes on my virtual 12×24 mat and pressed cut. Using the longer mat halves the time you have to unload and reload more paper.  So instead of 12 passes, I only made six! 🙂


I have the Cricut scoring tool for this cartridge but it requires switching out your cutting blade and installing the scoring tool for each box before unloading your mat. This would take quite a bit of time for 12 boxes so I opted for my Martha Stewart Scoring Board. I scored four lines in the center which makes up the bottom of the box. Then you just gather up the “flowered” flaps and thread one slotted flap over them and then the other slotted flap. Easy peasy! The scoring tool does come in handy for the more trickier box designs on this cartridge, especially when the scoring is curved. I will save these boxes for events that don’t need mass-producing!

Dozen flap flower boxes before embellishing

Dozen flap flower boxes before embellishing

Now the time consuming factor did come into play when I embellished the boxes. Trying to add something to the boxes so they weren’t too plain was definitely a process. Dry embossing with a Cuttlebug folder may prove more frustrating than it’s worth with this particular box. The slotted flaps are just too long to successfully emboss any of the flaps… maybe because I’m limited to my A2 folders and my Sizzix Texture Boutique. I tried all kinds of tricks to fold the long flaps behind the folder and in front of the folder to get them out of the way. I wanted to emboss the front flap but it just wasn’t going to happen. I also didn’t like how I was limited to feeding the front flap in one direction at the bottom of the folder which meant the blank portion of the folder that doesn’t have the embossing design would leave a blank 1/2 inch space. It was frustrating so I gave up on this and opted for spiral roses and a stamped sentiment instead!

Treat Boxes with Spiral Roses

Treat Boxes with Spiral Roses

My sister gave me the Martha Stewart Frond punch for my birthday and I punched out a pile of leaves so quickly and then I started making my spiral roses. I’ve gotten used to making these flowers so I no longer have to draw a spiral on a square piece of paper. I just cut a square (usually 3×3 inches or I eyeball it). It doesn’t have to be perfect! Then I cut a circle from the square. Then you start cutting the circle as if you’re going to make another circle but you just keep cutting while going round and round until you reach the center. I leave a little tab in the very center of the spiral to anchor the finished spiral rose with adhesive such as Glossy Accents. Then using a pencil and starting with the skinny end of the spiral, I begin tightly wrapping the spiral around the pencil until I reach that tab. Then I slide it off with my fingers and apply Glossy Accents to the tab and pinch the flower between my fingers until it’s secure – for about a minute. Since I don’t have a special rolling tool, my flower centers aren’t the best. I find it easier to fill the hole with a secondary color, then if that color doesn’t fill the hole, I add an adhesive pearl! 🙂 So all of these have two colors and pearls but it looks intentional at least! LOL

Side View

The cardstock used to make the treat boxes, roses, and leaves is by Wausau Creative Collection Classics. You can get this for around $15 from Amazon. It comes in 4 sheets each of 18 colors for a total of 72 sheets of 12×12 cardstock and it cuts great in the Cricut! The “celebrate” stamp is from TPC Studio’s “Greetings “and the “for you” is from Fiskars’ “All Year Greetings”.

Treat Boxes - TBBM2

Treat Boxes – TBBM2

Easter Treat Baskets

Aren’t these little baskets cute? They are cut from Tags, Bags, Boxes, and More 2 (TBBM2) at 5 1/4 inches.

Easter Treat Baskets - TBBM2

With this smaller size, I didn’t have to cut out sections 1 and 2 and adhere them together. I just cut out one entire piece using 12×12 paper. I also tried out my scoring tip which is a great accessory for this cartridge. For these boxes, I cut first then hit load again to align the paper back to its starting position. Then I carefully took out the cutting blade and replaced it with the scoring tip. Then I clicked on the score line feature on the keypad and hit cut again and it scored the needed fold lines. It worked beautifully, though next time I’m going to set the blade depth to 5 instead of 6 because it wanted to rough up the paper in a few areas.

I placed 4 Hershey kisses and 4 wrapped malted eggs in each basket along with some paper grass. They made a perfect treat size which I gave to my Mom and Dad last night along with their Easter card! 🙂

TBBM2 - Easter Baskets with treats

Thanks for looking!