Many Thanks to “The High Note” – Giveaway Goodies

Darilyn is the creator of The High Note blog and a talented crafter of beautiful creations using vintage sheet music. She recently celebrated her one year blogiversary and over 100 followers! For this special occasion, she offered a give-away of goodies she’s made over the past year on The High Note such as:

  • Shredded Antique Sheet Music
  • Custom Note Cards
  • a Music Wrapped Candle

I was the lucky winner of these awesome goodies and received a bonus set of heart and flower die-cuts! Darilyn has been so gracious in letting me share with you what I received.

Darilyn's Vintage Sheet Music Creations

Darilyn's Vintage Sheet Music Creations

Shredded Vintage Sheet Music

Mom Note Card

Heart and Flower Die-Cuts

I look forward to using the shredded paper in my 3-D projects from the Tags, Bags, Boxes, and More 2 (TBBM2) cartridge and the die-cuts for my cards! The lovely candle will be displayed on my piano, and the Mom Note Card will be given to my sweet Mother who also plays the piano! Thank you so much Darilyn for these wonderful items! I love how your creations were carefully packaged! It was so much fun opening the box and looking at each beautiful piece!

Darilyn sells her creations on Etsy atΒ


4 thoughts on “Many Thanks to “The High Note” – Giveaway Goodies

  1. Thank you for such lovely words and beautiful pictures! It warms my heart to know that you loved getting this as much as I loved sending it!

    • Awww, thank you so much Darilyn! I was so excited when the box came and I just love looking at what you made! Thank you for these wonderful items! My sister saw my post and loves your work as well! She called me up when she saw the post on her iPhone :). Kudos to you! Hope you have a wonderful day! ~Vanessa

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