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Well, I’m a little disappointed in Provocraft right now. They are the makers of Cricut and Design Studio (DS). I use Design Studio in almost every project and today I learned that they will no longer provide cartridge updates. Sidenote: my laptop recently had its graphics card fail (google HP DV9500 with Nvidia and you will see many complaints about failing graphics cards that prompted lawsuits in the US and Canada) but that’s another story. 🙂 Well, I had to buy a new computer – this time I went with the old reliable PC that will actually allow you to replace a graphics card unlike my laptop. So while trying to install the Design Studio software on my PC, I went to to check on a DS update and found the following:

ATTENTION Cricut Design Studio Users:

In order to focus our attention and resources on creating and improving the Cricut® experience, we will not be providing further updates to the Cricut DesignStudio® software. In addition, any cartridges released after April 11, 2013 will not be updated to appear in the Cricut DesignStudio® software. We will still offer support, but there will be no additional content updates for the Cricut DesignStudio® software.

I currently own 17 Cricut cartridges and they are all older cartridges so I’m good there, but this means if I buy a newly issued cartridge, I will not be able to use it in DS. I feel that Provocraft is trying to force us to use their online program, Cricut Craft Room (CCR). I have tested CCR out last year and I didn’t like it. Maybe it has improved since then but I don’t want to find out until I’m truly forced to (unless I finally take the plunge and buy a Silhouette Cameo). Oh no, I would have to change my blog name! 😉 I’m used to DS and I don’t want to have to learn a new program, plus I like that I don’t have to be connected to the internet to use it, unlike CCR.

If anyone has any information on CCR that might sway my opinion, I would really appreciate your comments. For now, I’m waiting for Monday to come when Cricut’s DS Support is open to activate DS on my new computer. Since it’s already registered to my laptop, I have to get a new activation code for the new PC. It’s always something!




10 thoughts on “Cricut Design Studio Update

  1. Sorry to hear about your problems with the changes in Design Studio. I still do it the old fashioned way straight from the cartridge to the machine. But I’ll definitely let you know if I come across any information that may help. I love all your creations, they’re so beautiful! Wish you all the best with this 🙂 ~Sophia

    • Hey Sophia! I guess if I buy any more cartridges it will be the older ones so I can still use DS. 🙂 I only have 17 carts so there’s many older ones out there that will work but it’s frustrating knowing there’s this exception to follow on newly released ones. I think once my Cricut Expression stops functioning, I am going to go with a Cameo. Thank you so much for the lovely comment of support! I appreciate it! ~V

  2. Dear Vanessa:

    I concur with where you are coming from! I had a computer crash just a few months ago and am now in the same position. I have been forced to use CCR due to the fact that I cannot run all the DS updates. If I do, then I will not be able to run my SCAL program on my Cricut. I have purchased both programs and now they are obsolete. I am thinking of purchasing a Cameo and chucking all of my Provocraft……….the only thing that keeps from doing it, is the hundreds of dollars I have already invested.

    Sincerely, Marcia

    • Hi Marcia! Thank you so much for your comment! Fortunately, I had success today with Cricut Support. Even though my new PC has Windows 8, the DS update from the website allowed me to cut out an image once Cricut Support activated a new code for my new computer. I was really dreading today – last night I was thinking of every scenario that could go wrong but was surprised when Support got it activated this morning and suggested the DS update because of Windows 8. I was able to open up my saved cut files from a backup drive as well – though I had to copy the files over to the Cricut Design Studio folder under C: for them to cut. But now, it looks like everything works as it did on the laptop. Too bad they are no longer going to support content updates for new cartridges. That’s a bummer so I guess I’ll stick with my 17 carts, maybe buy a couple of more older releases in the future (if I can’t help myself) and wait for my Expression to stop functioning. The warranty is now obsolete – got the Expression in 2009. Then I will buy a Cameo and be done with Cricut. At least that’s how I feel today :). I’ve invested hundreds as well on Cricut products and it’s a shame they have to change things up for the worse for long time customers. I’ve read wonderful things about SCAL so I don’t blame you for wanting to keep that intact as long as you can. A DS update would probably ruin that so I get what you mean about having to use CCR. What a mess! Good luck with your ventures! ~Vanessa

  3. I have used the cricut craft room. I like it and haven’t had a problem with it. I do think that I will end up getting a cameo though. My friend at can help you with the craft room though. That really sucks that you had to go buy a new computer.

    • Hey Beth! Thanks for the feedback! I’m glad to hear you like CCR. At least this is an option if something doesn’t work out with DS and it can be used for newly released carts. I may have to give it another try. When I downloaded it and took a tour last year or earlier (can’t remember), it was still relatively new and it seemed confusing. Guess I’m just a DS fan! 🙂 Thanks for the link to Cara for help with CCR. I hated buying a new computer too – didn’t want to pay that kind of money unexpectedly. My laptop was my favorite computer ever and I bought it in 2007. I think it’s a miracle it lasted as long as it did with the Nvidia graphics card issue. I’ve read where so many other Pavilion owners had their machine’s graphics crash within a year or two. I feel good about getting this PC – it’s another HP but I’m ok with that – apparently with the Nvidia lawsuits the new HP computers don’t have this problem anymore :). And because it’s a PC I saved $500 compared to a replacement laptop I almost got. And for heavily graphic intense programs and games, the PC shouldn’t overheat as much so I’m glad I went this route. Hubby still has a laptop which is good for when we travel. Ok – I tend to get wordy so I’ll stop there! Hope you’re doing well! Thanks for the lovely visit! ~V

      • I don’t mind you being wordy at all I am actually contemplating purchasing a mac desktop sometime in the near future. I have never had an HP laptop I personally stick with Toshiba laptops. I am glad that you like your new PC though. Do you think you will ever try a Cameo?

        • I am seriously considering a Cameo and I also have the full support of DH. He seems more angered about Provocraft’s restrictions than me. He said they are going to be their own downfall with so many customers switching over to a better and more user-friendly machine. If (when) my Cricut stops working, I’m definitely getting a Cameo. At least with the Cameo, you can cut out fonts and vector files on your computer in addition to designs in their online store. You can pay for exactly what you want and you’re not limited to cartridges that cost so much. Hope you’re having a great day! ~V

          • I agree with everything you just said my honey was saying the same things about Provo Craft and I have had tons off issues with my E2

  4. I think it’s helpful to have that perspective from someone else that’s not too close to the hobby. Sometimes I find myself willing to give in to the changes and get sucked in to paying more and more to go along with the changes because I’m a Cricut fan. But lately, it seems there can be no more denying what they’re doing. I don’t see much love for the customers, just making money. It’s sad because I really like their product, but I don’t care for their practices. Guess I’m going to be doing more research on Cameo (just to be sure) and read reviews so I will be prepared if my machine starts failing. That’s my next worry – when will my expression give out since it’s at least 4 years old with no warranty! 🙂

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