Easter Egg-Shaped Card

I made this Easter card for my sister and her husband. The egg is from Cricut’s Designer’s Calendar (under Events Shift). It has pretty lines and cut-outs that can be embellished with a white gel pen and glitter glue. To get the card base, I chose two eggs at 6.5 inches in Design Studio, hid the contour lines, and welded them together. Then I cut a regular egg with all of its lines and cut outs at 6 inches for the top of the card.

Easter Egg-Shaped Card

Easter Egg-Shaped Card

Egg from Designer's Calendar

For the inside of the card, I used two 6 inch eggs, hiding the contour lines, to serve as card liners. It helped beef up the base and allowed for an area to write a message under the sentiment. The sentiment is cut from Wild Card at 6 inches using Colorbök’s white cardstock. The light blue and green cardstock is from Wal-mart (pastels).

Sentiment - Wild Card

I highlighted the cut swirls with a white gel pen and used Stardust Stickles on the cut-outs. I made a scalloped envelope from Wild Card (not pictured) cut at 5 inches which gives you a 5×7 envelope to fit this card.

Egg - Designer's Calendar


4 thoughts on “Easter Egg-Shaped Card

    • Thanks Sophia! I eyed this egg image last year on my cartridge and was determined to make a card out of it this time :)! It was a quick card as far as embellishing! Gotta love those Stardust Stickles ;)!

  1. gotta love stickles! …. and that lamp! I have looked at that lamp for almost a year on your blog and decided that I love it so much I have two now sitting on my bedside tables! thanks for the decor inspiration! HA!

    • Hey Arin! Lol I’m tickled you love the lamp! I have two of them that we bought from JCPenney when we lived up North (not too far from the beach). We painted the guest room up there a light blue and it was decorated with lighthouses and paintings of the ocean, etc. Now we live South, and I turned this guest room into my craft room and the lamps have remained in here. They provide wonderful lighting. That’s cool that the lamp caught your attention! Love it! And thanks for the lovely visit!

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