Have You Ever Wanted to Design Your Own Stamp Line?

I did some rigorous research recently on creating your own line of stamps. It was frustrating, and admittedly, angered me a bit. I finally had a break through on Google when I (in my best estimation) entered the right word combo or maybe the perfect key words. Who knows, but at least I found a result.

This curiosity all began when I started seeing some of my favorite crafting blogs getting their own stamps made. They sell their own line of stamps on their blogs through PayPal. I don’t think I’m ready for that kind of venture but I thought it would be nice to know for the future – in case my little craftiness took me there down the road.

So the Googling began and I couldn’t find any hints on my personally favored craft blogs on how they got started or who manufactured their stamps. So I gave up on Googling their blog names combined with stamp manufacturing key words and just started looking for stamp manufacturers. Most of the results took me to office supply stores for custom rubber stamps for addresses or monograms. That’s not what I need. I’m talking about 4×6 sheets of clear stamps. So I searched on clear stamp manufacturers and I hit the jackpot. The manufacturer that I found says exactly what I was looking for on their stamps page: “Interested in developing a clear stamp product line? Give us a call – don’t go to market with anything less than Superior ClearTM”. So if you’re interested in your own line of stamps, check out Stewart Superior. Or keep this tidbit in your back pocket for future use.

Once I had the manufacturing name, I Googled for stamp sellers that actually use them and I only found two sites that were kind enough to share their crafty secrets regarding their stamps: “My Time Made Easy” and “My Sentiments Exactly”. Here are the links to their statements about using Stewart Superior:

  • http://mytimemadeeasy.com/about.html Excerpt: I am so proud to announce that we went to the BEST for producing our images-Stewart Superior! I invite you to read about them. They have been a dream to work with the last couple months. This company is used by all the top companies, and now we are part of that lineup! You can have the best quality images for an affordable price! Our images are ready to use! They are packaged on 4 X 6 acrylic sheets, with the images/stamp set name printed onto the acetate sheets you store them on.
  • http://mysentimentsexactlywoodmountp19.blogspot.com/2012/09/my-sentiments-exactly-wood-mounted.html Excerpt: Mse stamps line uses only superior clear photopolymer by stewart superior. This reactant liquid compound is hardened into a stamp through exposure to uv light. The great advantages of superior clear is that the stamp is formed in the size and shape of the image so you will never need to spend extra time cutting or pulling apart each image. There will be no over stamping from excess plastic around the image.

Stewart Superior talks about their customer list on their site: “We used to list out all the companies using Superior Clear.  However, we found that it became a prospecting list for our competitors.  Therefore, we will just say that many of the best companies offering the best designs on the best quality photopolymer – are our customers. Give us a try… you won’t be disappointed.”

In some more digging, I found a message board that says Papertrey Ink (PTI) uses Stewart Superior for their stamps but this was posted by an anonymous user of the site so this can not be confirmed and I’m sure PTI won’t disclose either! 🙂

Please feel free to share with your crafty friends in case they want to start their own line. If this was helpful, please leave a comment. I know there are other crafters out there that have wondered the same as me on how these stamp lines evolved, especially from crafting blogs-turned-entrepreneurs.


16 thoughts on “Have You Ever Wanted to Design Your Own Stamp Line?

  1. Thanks Vanessa! I did look into this a few months ago and also became very frustrated. I can’t say that I’m ready to jump into this right now either but I was curious as to what it would cost should I decide to. I will have to check out these sites this weekend. Thank you so much for sharing your research efforts. It is so greatly appreciated!!! ~Sophia

  2. You got further than me when I was researching all that crap! I ended up just whining to the hubs who is a mechanical engineer in manufacturing and he researched how to make the stamps on our own… your can pretty much do it out of your garage until you get Martha Stewart BIG… but I like what you found out. This info may come in handy for me one day! 🙂 Are you planning on making a stamp line?

    • Hi Arin! That would be cool to learn how to make stamps on your own! I can see you doing great things with that if you took that venture! I got curious about these stamp lines when I saw some craft blogs coming out with their own. I was wondering how they got started and if it was worth the trouble as far as how much it would cost. I still don’t know the cost of it but maybe in the future I might find out more from Superior Clear – maybe get a quote. I would really have to increase my blog’s visibility though to make it worthwhile in selling stamps. So that will have to be a future dream! 🙂 The stamps I’ve seen on these blogs give me some encouragement that I wouldn’t have to be an artist since they’re mainly selling word phrases using different fonts. It might be something I want to do in the future, but I’m a long way from that right now. 🙂 I’m still trying to get remotivated to craft again! 🙂 I’ve got some new goodies but have yet to really explore them. Hopefully soon! 🙂 Thanks for stopping by as always!!! I know you’ve been busy with so many projects. I’m so proud of your lovely creations! I have to go see what I’ve missed in the last few weeks! ~V

  3. Hi Vanessa
    Thank you so much for sharing this ‘golden nugget’! I can bet there are many out there who have been thinking along the same lines. I can honestly say that I have been wondering about making my own clear stamps for years … and like most people, every time I Google for information it comes up with … you guessed it ‘office supplies’ errlllllllll .. lol. Anyway, I was researching today; I did not find the Stewart Superior site, as that one is based in the U.S. ; however, there is one called PHOTOCENTRIC.COM OR CLEARSTAMPMAKING.COM, who have headquarters both in the U.S., and in Peterborough England. They claim to be experts, and probably are. It’s exciting to have found these two sites. Gives me much hope! Bless you .. I wish you all the best with your future Stamp Company. Who knows, maybe a few years from now we will meet at CHA, exhibiting our new lines! – K-Anne

  4. Hi! thank you so much for sharing this. I came to your blog trying to search just this myself. Really were looking for die manufacturers, but this helped me alot! Playing around with the idea of creating my own word and phrase stamps in my own language. There aren’t any that i can find, only in english =( can you give me any hints what words would be helpful trying to find die manufacturers?? Thanks!

  5. yes…thank you Vanessa! Not many want to share there insights of business ha! Like if they were the only ones making stamps, and then came you to snatch there business away LOL! Lie REALLY!!!! Anyways, going to give it a try thank you for the research 🙂 Love, a fellow crafter

  6. Thank you so much for this information, I have been wrecking my brain and wasting tons of time researching, until todaaaayyy I stumbled across your post…. (Angels singing haaaahhh) thank you again so much because I have so many ideas that I need to get out there.

  7. Hi Vanessa,

    I know this is a silly question due to there is many ladies that have their own stamp line, and majority of all have similar sayings. But, let’s say I want to start my own stamp line can I use every word that is out there, and We won’t get into any legal problems? I mean everyone uses The words Thank you, Hello, merry Christmas etc.


  8. I have been giving away free digis for over 6 months now. One a week on my blog. I have been curious about starting a stamp line and your post has been super helpful. Thank you so very much for sharing this hard-to-find information!!! Recently moved to Atlanta from NYC and I am finding southerners to truly be wonderful. Thanks again and big hugs, Kristina

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