Summer Bouquet of Spiral Roses

Here’s another paper bouquet, but made with spiral roses this time. I love the fun pops of color and I plan on using it as decor in my craft room. The materials used were all found in my stash – left over from previous crafts. For a wonderful tutorial on cutting spirals and then rolling them to make your own roses, check out Kay at Kay’s Kreative Korner. I used her technique in an earlier post: My First Spiral Rose and Miniature Envelope.

I don’t have a specialized tool to roll flowers so I use a pencil. Sometimes this leaves a big whole in the center if I don’t re-roll tightly by hand. To help fill in the centers of a few roses, I cut out thin strips of paper, rolled them, and then hot glued them to the centers. I played with the colors by combining a pink center to a yellow flower, etc. I love the two-toned look in a single rose. I also used a pair of scallop scissors on three of the spirals to get two different looks. When you’re holding your scissors, you will be able to see how the scallop blade will cut. Holding them one way will give you a positive (rounded) scallop edge and then flipping them over will give you a negative (pointy) edge. The smoother-edged roses were cut with regular scissors.

  • Metal tin, butterfly, styrofoam, 1/8 inch wooden dowels – Hobby Lobby (all left over from a previous bouquet – to stain the dowels green, I used a green ink pad and a sponge dauber)
  • Ribbon scraps, paper grass, umbrella pick – found in my stash
  • Leaves – cut at 4.5 inches from the Wild Card cartridge (left over from a previous bouquet)
  • Hot glue gun – used to assemble the spiral roses and glue them to the leaf-dowels

Thanks for checking it out!



12 thoughts on “Summer Bouquet of Spiral Roses

    • Thanks so much Sophia! I love the colors of this one and using the mismatched ribbon scraps. I usually don’t do that but I like the whimsical look. 🙂 The centers are my favorite too :)! I love how a problem turns into something nice. If it wasn’t for the big whole in the middle, I would never had thought to put a different color inside to fill the gap! Thanks for your lovely visit and comment! Take care! ~Vanessa

    • Thanks Florence! Kay’s tutorial and pictures really helped me learn how to make these spiral flowers. Before I found her blog, I looked at other links but it just didn’t click as much as Kay’s step by step instructions. Hope you’re having a wonderful day too! ~Vanessa

  1. Well that is just a bucket o’ happiness! Those flowers made me smile this morning, so thank you for that! Wish I could be sitting beside you, watching you make those.

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