Paint Chip Butterflies

When have you turned into a craft supply hoarder? When you pull paint chip cards out of the trash and recycle them into art! 

A couple of days ago, I cleaned out our file cabinet and ran across some paint chip cards. My first inclination was to throw them away, so in the trash bag they went. Luckily the trash bag was new and only had old magazines and non-confidential papers in it because a pang of anxiety shot through me as I contemplated projects these paint chips could be used for. *Yes, I know I ended a sentence with a preposition and yes, I’ve turned into a hoarder :). I look at packaging, gift bags, wrapping paper, and bows in a whole new, recyclable way now. So I pulled the paint chips back out and put them in my craft room for safe keeping.

Yesterday, my sister reminded me that my sister-in-law’s birthday is coming up so last night I played around with a card idea. I thought of those paint chip cards and found a pretty one with varying shades of pink and cranberry. I tried my Emagination butterfly punch on the card and it worked perfectly so I punched out as many butterflies as I could for future uses. I used four on the birthday card (one butterfly from each shade of color). I adhered the butterflies in the order of their shades from light to dark using small foam dimensionals that I cut in half with scissors. I also folded their wings back to simulate flying.

The card measures 5×7 and uses plain sheets of cardstock in Kraft, light green, and cream. The oval background is from a Sizzix Birds and Wreath embossing folder set. I used Versamark (clear embossing ink), cotton swabs, and chalk pastels to color in the embossed image. I then cut out the image with scissors and adhered it to the card base with foam dimensionals.

The flower layers and teeny-tiny light green brads are from Michael’s and the larger brad is from Hobby Lobby. For the birthday sentiment, I stamped ‘Happy Birthday’ (TPC Studio) in pink ink and when dry, I ran it through my Sizzix Texture Boutique using a Cuttlebug Swiss Dots embossing folder.

Thanks for checking it out!



12 thoughts on “Paint Chip Butterflies

  1. Hi Vanessa! Love this idea!!! I wish I would have thought of this when I cleaned out my paint chip cards. It’s a great way to recycle them and you get such beautiful coordinating colors off one piece. Your card is just beautiful. Love the flower and butterflies. Thanks for sharing!! Have a wonderful evening!!! ~Sophia

    • Thanks so much Sophia! You are absolutely right about the coordinating colors! It was so easy to just punch out a shape in each color and they all went well together! The butterfly punch is the only one I have right now, but circle punches and other shapes would be fun too. Haven’t tried using the Cricut to cut on these and may not – don’t want to mess up my blade :). But I guess it could work if people are cutting chip board. Just too squeemish to try it for now! Thanks for the lovely comment and visit! ~Vanessa

      • I’ve also heard that you can cut chip board with the Cricut but mine sometimes gets quirky and has a hard time cutting the thicker papers even when I adjust my settings and my blade is fairly new. I did find a pair of deep cut blades which is apparently what you need to cut chip board and other thick material but I haven’t had the time or courage to try it out yet. This is a link to that gives more info on the deep cut blades and their uses: Hope this helps. ~Sophia

        • Hi Sophia, thanks for the link on the deep cut blades! I have only cut paper and card stock so far – haven’t gotten adventurous yet! I’ve seen some cute chip board letters on the web but I’m hesitant to try it with my machine. I’ll check out the link to get more info. about it. Thanks again and have a lovely evening! ~Vanessa

  2. Hello, what a brilliant idea. I love to see your process in pictures too. I bought some tee shirts on the weekend and each tee came with a large 3inch tag which was plain orange on the back, I have squirreled them away to circle scallop cut them later, we card makers are great at recycling…..

    • Ha! That’s cool – now you can make some nice embellishment or tags from the t-shirt tags! Recyling is great because you save money on supplies and it presents a fun challenge to repurpose the item. Thanks for the lovely visit and comment! ~Vanessa

  3. Love it Vanessa! I HATE wasting any scrap of paper or anything. Very creative way to use free materials. I didn’t know you could use VersaMark and chalk together. Did you cover the surface with VersaMark and then use the chalks? I love learning new techniques!

    • Hi Michele! Thanks for stopping by and for the lovely comment! I have used VersaMark pads and clear embossing pens from Rangers Inkssentials to set the chalk on a couple of cards and both are quite good in keeping the chalk from rubbing off. For this card, I used Q-tips and rubbed them on the VersaMark pad and then swirled it around inside the oval. Then I used a Q-tip covered in light blue chalk and then swirled it around on top of the damp Versamark. The Versamark and chalk create a watercolor-look and the embossing ink helps seal in the chalk. I did the same technique for the pink frame of the oval though it would have been a bit cleaner to use my clear embossing pen and then apply the chalk. But I kinda like the messier look with the colors swirled into each other. Here is a link to another card using the clear embossing pen with chalk and the same Sizzix Wreath folder: . You can see on this other card that the chalk lines are cleaner since the pen has a fine tip to apply the clear embossing ink. I then applied the chalk with Q-tips but where there’s no embossing ink, a pencil eraser will work well in removing unwanted chalk. I actually forgot to mention in the post that I ran an eraser around the blue sky in the card above where it connects to the pink frame. Since Versamark was used, the erase lines didn’t work as well but it still shows a faded, whiter area. Thanks again for your interest and comment!! ~Vanessa

    • LOL! Thanks so much for stopping by and liking this post! Tickled you pinned it too :)! I want to get me so more punches to further experiment. I just have the one butterfly punch (except for regular hole punches 😦 ) but I still have some paint chips to play with. HD is a great place to get some – I think that’s where mine came from! LOL

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