Paper Flower Bouquet with Birthday Card

My lovely mother-in-law is celebrating her 75th birthday! For this special occasion, I wanted to make her a nice keepsake so I made her a paper flower bouquet and a birthday card in pinks, oranges, and greens using my Cricut Expression. I would like to apologize in advance for the long post that is forthcoming below. There are so many details on the bouquet, card, and tag that I want to share with you; but, it’s also for myself so that when I create another one in the future, I can look back and see how I did it! 🙂 Thanks for your interest and patience! LOL


The bouquet flowers were cut using Mother’s Day Bouquet. I cut seven layers of each flower from 3 inches to 1.5 inches (decreasing by a 1/4 inch each time). Here is a chart showing which flowers I used from the cartridge. It also shows how many of each flower were cut and the sizes.

The bright pink container, butterflies, floral styrofoam, spanish moss, 1/8 inch dowels, and sponge daubers to ink the dowels were bought at Hobby Lobby. I had the rest of the supplies in my stash. I used one of my favorite paper pads, Poteeka Soufflé (Paper Studio), for the flowers, along with pastel cardstock from Colorbok (bought at Wal-mart). I used a 1/16 hole punch on the flower centers and secured the layers with small pastel brads. The brads save on glue and you can fluff up and move the layers around as you wish! I also used a pencil to curl the petals down a bit.

The dowels were inked using a green stamp pad and a sponge dauber. I inked the dowels first so that they would have time to dry while I cut out all of my flowers and leaves. There are a total of 22 flowers and 22 leaves but each flower has seven layers. To save time and paper, I cut two types of flowers using one 12×12 sheet of patterned paper. Then repeated the process for two other sets of flowers and another color of paper, and so on.

Some flowers are solid and some are mixed with two colors of paper for variety. I just had fun mixing and matching. Now that I am calculating my total of flowers, I guess I ran my mat through the Expression 11 times to get 22 flowers. I stopped at 22 because that is the lucky number of dowels that fit the styrofoam inside the container. I had inked 30 dowels but couldn’t fit all of them without them hitting each other! So I will save these dowels for a smaller bouquet. Since the dowels are skinny, I was able to snip them to my desired lengths with a wire cutter.

One challenge I faced when starting this project was how to adhere the flowers to the skinny dowels. I wanted the flowers to look “3-D ish” and I was determined to find a way to glue the flowers on top of the dowel and not flat like a candy sucker. Because the dowels are so thin there wasn’t much surface area to secure the flowers to them. I knew I wanted leaves in the bouquet so instead of gluing the leaves to the backs of the flowers, I glued them to the dowel first. This created more area for hot gluing the flowers. Wild Card has a wonderful leaf icon (key #25) that has a cut line in the center which helps you fold the leaf over the end of a dowel. So I cut 22 leaves at 4.5 inches in light green cardstock and then placed a dab of hot glue on the end of each leaf and folded/pinched it around the end of the dowel and held it until it was “set”. Then I hot glued the completed flowers to the leaf/dowel and it worked great!

The bouquet is finished up with light green ribbon, pink and green butterflies, and spanish moss to hide the green styrofoam.

Bouquet Tag

I made a tag marking the special birthday year using the Sweethearts cartridge and Design Studio (DS). The brown layer is 3 inches and the white layer was scaled down to fit on top using DS. I hid the contour lines for both tag holes prior to cutting. Once the tags were cut, I inked the white layer with brown ink and glued it down to the brown base. The tag comes with a corresponding heart-shaped tag enforcer. I cut this at 3 inches, adhered it with my Zig 2-Way glue pen, and then lined up my 1/8 hole punch over the hole in the heart to punch through the layers of tag. The word “Happy” is from Straight from the Nest, the numbers are from Storybook, the “th” letters are from Wild Card, and the ladybug is from Walk in My Garden. The ring securing the tag is a fun, circular paper clip.


All of the cuts for the card are from Straight from the Nest (SFTN) except the numbers “75” which are from Wild Card. I love the cute banner which was cut at 1.5 inches. I used a 1/16 hole punch and mini brads to string the banner along the corner. I used Poteeka Soufflé  paper on the card to match the bouquet. I inked the edges of the light blue mat with brown ink. I’m really liking this inking technique. 🙂 I used a white gel pen to add some cute dots to the images. The card is 5×7 and I cut out an appropriate sized envelope using Just Because Cards. I added another banner to the envelope and hand wrote “MOM” with a fine tip marker.

Whew! That’s a lot of words for one post. I hope you stayed with me until the end. 🙂 Thanks for checking it out!



19 thoughts on “Paper Flower Bouquet with Birthday Card

  1. What a beautiful bouquet and card! Any mother-in-law would be lucky to have such a thoughtful gift. Thanks for the very helpful instructions!

    • Hi Vanessa, thanks for the lovely visit and comment! My MIL loved the bouquet and has it sitting on her desk so she can look at it in her home office. I am so happy she liked it! Hope you’re having a wonderful weekend! ~Vanessa

    • Hi! Thanks so much for checking it out! It’s my first bouquet! I believe Mother’s Day Bouquet was released in December 2010. It’s a seasonal cartridge (almost reminds me of a Cricut Lite but the product information is in pink instead of light green). It’s also in a plastic holder that you have to cut away, not a box. There’s no layers, shadows, etc. – just 50 images of flowers and leaves but perfect for making a variety of flowers. I believe my husband got it for me for Christmas from a seller called craftecorner through Amazon. Thanks for your lovely feedback! ~Vanessa

    • Hi Sophia! I’m glad the post came off as instructional instead of too wordy! 🙂 That was my fear when I wrote it last night. LOL Thanks for your lovely comment on the bouquet and card! My mother-in-law enjoyed receiving both and that makes me happy! I love making things for others. Now I might make a smaller one for me because it turned out better than I thought it would! 🙂 Take care! Vanessa

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  3. Hi Vanessa. Wow! what a wonderful project. Such a lot of work. tfs all the tips. I bet your mother in law is thrilled with this bouquet.
    Regards Florence x

    • Hi Florence! Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting and liking this project! I was hoping the tips would be handy. I tend to always explain too much and get muddled in my writing :). My mother-in-law loves the bouquet and card. My sister said she could tell it was a hit which is always nice to hear! I’m happy it turned out so well since this was my very first bouquet! Hope you have a great day! ~Vanessa

    • Hi Scarlett! Thanks for the lovely visit and comment! This was my first bouquet and now I’m geared up to make me one :). I love the inking on the tag – a method I plan to keep using. It gives it an aged look which is nice. Thanks for dropping by! ~Vanessa

  4. I certainly appreciate home made gifts over any junk from the store I don’t need anyway, esp baked goods. In the hard economic times such makes it easier on everyone. Cards from my kids and grand kids are treasured.

    • Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving such a nice, supportive comment! I enjoy making things, especially anything to do with paper so it’s nice to hear others enjoy home made gifts as well. I checked out your blog yesterday and love your humorous art so I followed you. Thanks again for your feedback! ~Vanessa

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