Update to “The Pinterest Obsession”

This is a humble update to my previous post called “The Pinterest Obsession”. With the help of Deb from Deb’s Answers I have been able to join Pinterest with Deb’s gracious invite. She also explained in a comment to my earlier post that Pinterest is still in beta and they are trying to control the amount of members because their site is exploding in popularity. This is something I can wrap my head around so I feel a follow-up post is needed. I had previously stated in a sort of rant how I didn’t understand why you have to request an invite to the Pinterest site. I felt like I was trying to join an elite club and only some users would be picked. So with humbleness I retract my earlier statements and I am now a happy member of the site thanks to Deb’s comment and invite. My Pinterest board link is located at the top of this page under “My Pinterest” if you would like to take a look. As a member, I can invite four friends to join. If you are interested, leave me a comment and then I can send you an invite. I can only send four invites so the first four commenters requesting an invite will “win”. You do not have to list your email address in the posted comment if you do not wish to share this on the web. I will be able to access it from my WordPress dashboard since the “comment author must fill out name and e-mail” in the comment form for it to post. This means that only the site’s admin (me) will see your email address.

**UPDATE: Please note that to join Pinterest, you must have either a Twitter or Facebook account. Some people may not be comfortable with either social media program and I definitely understand. Personally, I wish Pinterest would fix this requirement. I recently created a Twitter account so that I could join the Pinterest site and I must admit I am still a bit leery. I apologize for not including this requirement during the original posting and hope that it can help future readers make a determination on if they would like an invite to Pinterest. If it helps, the Twitter account I created does not use my real name. I created an account using my blog name as my name (Southern Cricut Lady) and @IcedSweetT as my user name, for internet safety reasons.


8 thoughts on “Update to “The Pinterest Obsession”

  1. I’m happy for you. My wife love this site and so my lady co-workers. Cool and colorful. Is it like wordpress or can I copy my old previous work and post them? You got me curious. I hope to get an invite if I make it to your 1st four. Happy holidays…

  2. Hi Island Traveler! You are my first commenter and I am so happy to send you an invite! Thanks for replying to the post. Pinterest is so much fun and can be addictive :). It’s not a blog like WordPress but a virtual bulletin board where you can “pin” items you see on the web that inspire you. Your bulletin board can be shared with other followers as well. You can also pin your own photos that you have on your blog and it will display them on your virtual bulletin board. Plus, I believe you can have as many boards as you want and you can name the boards the category of your choosing such as “photography”, “crafts”, “decor”, “places you want to visit”, etc. I will send you an invite now! šŸ™‚ Thanks again for your reply! ~Vanessa

  3. I would love to get an invite. I just started a facebook account a month ago! Your cards are great. I enjoy looking at your creations. Very inspiring!

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