The Pinterest Obsession

I have known about Pinterest for a while now. I actually requested an invite a couple of days ago but I still haven’t received a reply. From what I’ve read on other blogs, it can take days, weeks, or months. I am not sure what Pinterest evaluates in their decision-making to grant an invitation to join their site. The only thing I was asked to submit was my email address. How can they evaluate who you are or that you’re worthy to join their “esteemed” club. The site does give you an alternative way of joining – by receiving an invite from a current member who has already been honored to enter the golden halls of this website. I know I may sound a bit snotty in this post now but I am sure I will be singing their praises when I… no… if I receive admission to this fun, addictive site.

For those who do not know what Pinterest is, it’s an online bulletin board where members post pictures of items they are inspired by and it can be repinned by others who feel the same joy over that item. It can be a cute pair of jeans, a trendy purse, a cute craft, a beautifully decorated room…

I guess I feel the need to vent here a bit because I have mixed emotions about something that happened today – three times to be in fact. I don’t know if I should say I am honored by what happened or be a little ill that I can’t be a part of a site where my personal photo of Rudy & Trudy reindeer was pinned and repinned for other Pinterest members to repin again and again. It seems a little unfair especially since I can’t join in the fun of having my own craft pinned on my personal bulletin board. I know that once you post on a blog (including photos you’re proud of because you took them) that it becomes a part of the entire blogosphere and the world-wide web. I have no problem with that because if I did, I would never have created this blog. I enjoy sharing my posts with others. I find great satisfaction from acknowledgement through a “like” button or a comment and I enjoy seeing the stats increase each day. That’s my own addiction I will honestly admit. But to feel excluded from a site that requires granted invitations while your work is spread on that social site without your involvement bothers me.

At least the credit is linked to the photo. If you click on the photo, it takes you to me. It also lists my blog name in the upper right hand corner which is also clickable. It’s great to see that credit for the original photo is listed. I now find my venting to prove therapeutic and I now realize that I am not upset with the people who were so inspired by the craft that they pinned it. They have no way of knowing that I am not a Pinterest member or that I am anxiously checking my email for the special invitation. I can’t blame them for stopping by my blog and liking what they saw enough to pin it on their Pinterest board. I am actually tickled it happened, not once but three times! I just don’t like Pinterest’s invitation-only policy. My views will most likely change as previously mentioned if I get the hall-pass to start my own bulletin board. I’m only human and I do want to participate. I can’t lie.

Honored to see that my craft was liked? Yes, definitely.

Miffed that I can’t be a part of the pinning madness? Yes, definitely.

That’s it, that is all I want to say on the matter. For those who aren’t a Pinterest member and want to see what a pinned item looks like (remember: you can look, but can’t touch – members only), here are the pinned sites of my reindeer pair.

Who knows, maybe a Pinterest member will read this and will grant me an invitation!


4 thoughts on “The Pinterest Obsession

  1. I don’t see your email address. You can email your address to me at debsanswers at gmail, if you want me to invite you to pinterest.
    I don’t think they are evaluating or trying to be elite. They’re just trying to control the rate of new accounts because they are still in beta and are growing way too fast.
    I have a few posts about pinterest on my blog.

  2. Hi Deb, thank you for reading my little rant and being gracious enough to reply. I do see what you’re saying about them being in beta and that they need to monitor their new accounts. That makes sense and I appreciate you for sharing your thoughts. I have checked out your blog and it is very informative so I am now a follower. And of course, thank you for granting me an invitation. I feel another post will be in order once I learn my way around Pinterest so that I can amend my previous opinion of their policy.

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