Memories of Delaware

One thing I am going to miss this Christmas is the chance to see snow. I used to live in Delaware and my first Christmas there after marrying brought us a little snow on Christmas Eve and it was a magical time for me as I am from South Georgia where it rarely snows one little flake. What I won’t miss is having to clear our driveway using a snow thrower so that I could drive my hour and 15 minute commute to work. Those were tough times but it didn’t lessen my love of snow.

I was looking at my picture files on my computer yesterday and stumbled across this photo of my cat Savannah, all cozy and warm, compared to the contrast of the cold winter snow that lay beyond the glass door. Now this snow didn’t happen at Christmas that year and honestly it is a bit rare to get a lot of snow at Christmas in Delaware, but as you can see by February it’s pretty much a norm for Delaware to get their share of this wondrous white substance.

My other cat Roman attempted his curious walk into the snowy yard because I think he just couldn’t help himself. He kept trying to go outside to see what this stuff was so I opened the door and let him investigate. It didn’t take long however for his paws to get tired of the cold and he let me know when he wanted back in. But he still lingered at the glass door looking at the white blanket as if he was trying to understand what happened to his beloved yard.

Sadly, Roman is no longer with us. He contracted the devastating FIP virus for which there is no prevention or cure and he left this world in June of this year. I will miss seeing him lie under our Christmas tree which he always liked to do when it was lit. I think it made him feel cozy and secure under the warm lights of the tree. So as I put up my tree this year my thoughts will be of him and all the joy he brought into my life.

Here are other photos of our snow-covered yard in Delaware. I am always impressed by the beauty of fresh fallen snow. Though I may not get to see any this winter, at least I have the wonderful memories.


2 thoughts on “Memories of Delaware

  1. My favorite is the snowpacked trees and the holly.

    WOW! I remember snow that deep and I am not going back. I live by the beach now and though I do miss the mountains I am not a cold person at my core. I am all about lunch at the beach in November.

  2. I hear ya! 🙂 I too didn’t really care for snow as deep as those first pics but I do love to see snow as it’s falling. I can handle a couple of inches, just not a foot! LOL I probably wouldn’t survive living in Minnesota or Alaska where the temperatures are more brutal and a lot of snow is a given. My sister lives close to the beach as well where people are still wearing shorts! Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment! ~Vanessa

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