Christmas Poinsettia Wreath Made from Paper

Hello all! I am excited to share with you this poinsettia wreath I made today. For this project, I used my Cricut Expression, Design Studio software, and three cartridges: Accent Essentials, Camp Out, and Wild Card. The red and green paper is textured cardstock from Cricut’s 12×24 Basic Brights pad. The brown paper for the pine cones is from the Paper Studio’s Natural Botanical cardstock pad.

Accent Essentials has a flower shape on page 64 which I think could pass for a poinsettia flower. I cut (9) shapes at 5 inches and (9) shapes at 4 inches. I ran the 4 inch poinsettias through Cuttlebug’s D’vine Swirls embossing folder. I also highlighted the poinsettias embossed petals (technically these are called leaves) with a Versamark pen. The clear ink darkens the paper a bit. The true flower of a poinsettia is the yellow center which I mimicked with either a large jingle bell or 3 small jingle bells depending on what I had in my stash. Before adhering the two flower layers together I folded them into a cup using my hand and then pushed into the center with Zig-Way-2 glue pen (a marker could also work or a wooden dowel). This causes the petals to fold up. I also used a pencil to curl the petals under. When adhering the 4 inch layer to the 5 inch layer, turn the 4 inch poinsettia layer 180 degrees for a fuller poinsettia (simply turn one upside down on top of the larger layer) and glue in place with a hot glue gun. Now you have a 2-dimensional poinsettia with 10 petals showing. Then adhere jinglebells for the “yellow flower center” with the hot glue gun. Other ideas for the flower center are seed beads, glitter, craft pom-poms, buttons, or silk flower stamens.

The wreath base is also cut from Accent Essentials at 11 inches (Accent2> on page 33. I hid the contour lines of the inside square shapes using Design Studio so that only a
solid wreath form would cut. (I did this same method for my Fall Paper Wreath in a previous post.) I cut (2) 11 inch forms out in heavy card stock and adhered them together for added strength using an adhesive tape runner.

The poinsettia’s green leaves came from the Wild Card cartridge cut at 4 inches (page 56). I cut 20 of these out in green cardstock. I used a Versamark pen to highlight the center vein of the leaf which is actually a cut line. I then ran the leaves through a Swiss Dots embossing folder for texture. The leaves were adhered to the bottom of the poinsettia flowers with a hot glue gun prior to being added to the wreath form.

The Camp Out cartridge was used to cut (4) pine cones at 4 inches. I added gold glitter glue to the inside cut outs to add shimmer and to knock down the brightness of the green paper peering through. The gold glitter matches the jingle bells so I think it works.

The finishing touch is a red bow. I also hot glued a little hanger out of twine to the back of the wreath form. Tip: I learned a lesson on not adding a hanger between my two wreath form mats. The hot glue and the twine formed a huge lump and the rest of the form didn’t want to adhere properly. So just as I did with my Fall Paper Wreath, I hot glued a knotted loop of twine to the back of the wreath mats. My Fall Wreath lasted through the season and is still hanging on the wall successfully so this one shouldn’t have any problems. If you attempt this wreath, make sure your hanger is adhered where it will be covered by leaves, flowers, or pine cones so that the nail on your wall doesn’t show through the wreath.

This was a lot of fun to make and if you choose to make one, I would love to see your project!

Thanks as always for looking!



8 thoughts on “Christmas Poinsettia Wreath Made from Paper

    • Hi Island Traveler! Thank you so much for the lovely comment! This was a lot of fun to make. I can’t wait for Christmas either. I plan to start decorating the house today. I love to play Christmas music and watch the lights on the tree! Blessings to you and your family! Take care, Vanessa

  1. Beautiful festive wreath! I like the bold colors and the glitter on the pinecones. The poinsettias are fantastic with the embossing and the Versamark pen. My favorite part is the bells. Nice touch!!! ~Sophia

    • Hi Sophia! Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Thanks for stopping by my blog and for the wonderful comments! I like the bells too :). If I would change anything I would buy more of the small jingle bells so that each poinsettia had a cluster of three but I ran out and had to resort to the single large bells that I had in my supplies. Other than that, I am pleased with how it turned out. I’m liking the pine cones the more I look at it too. I wasn’t too keen on them when I made them but now I think the gold looks good with the bells. I was determined to make a Christmas wreath since I made the Fall one out of leaves so now I can check it off my list! LOL 🙂 Take care and thanks again for your support! ~Vanessa

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  3. Beautiful wreath, I was looking up something to make for our advent tea and needed something to go around the candles yours came up and with a little bit of color change I think this wil do very nice, thanks for posting such a pretty wreath and what’s even nicer is I have what is needed to make it. Did you make anything special for this year? Hope you have wonderful holiday this year too.

    • Thanks so much Liz for the lovely visit and comment! So happy to hear you’re thinking about making some for your event! That’s wonderful! I think once Thanksgiving is over, I will be able to focus on Christmas decor. So far this year, I have made some miniature Christmas Present ornaments posted here: I need to make another poinsettia wreath for my sister since she requested one for this year’s Christmas. Just been too immersed in Thanksgiving cards and decorations! 🙂 Christmas is next and coming so fast! Hope you have a wonderful holiday too! Thanks again for stopping by!!! ~Vanessa

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