YourStory – Another Tool in Treasuring Memories

I was checking out today to see if they had any deals going on for their products and under Cricut Accessories I saw a pretty good deal.  They are offering a new paper trimmer that lets you cut with 3 blade choices (straight cut, scalloped, and perforation) and it comes with an extra straight blade as well.  This alone interested me and then I saw something that surprised me.  At the bottom of the page it says “When you order today, we’ll also include the YourStory laminating and binding machine FREE!” I thought this was an error since this machine retails on their website for $79.99 and the trimmer was being sold for just $16.99 with this free machine bonus. This led me to the Cricut Messageboard and other users had commented about their new trimmer that came with the free YourStory machine.  So I was about to hit the trigger on ordering this for $16.99 until I got to the shipping part and they wanted $12.16 putting the total at $29.15.  I admit this is still a good deal but I always compare prices with Amazon.  So I headed over to and guess what?  They had the same trimmer and YourStory bundle for $25.42 with free super saver shipping.  Plus it had details of exactly what was included in the bundle:

  • YourStory 375100 Book Binder and Laminator
  • Heavy Duty Paper Trimmer that cuts both wavy and straight
  • Comes with twelve 9-inch by 11-1/2-inch and twelve 4-1/2-inch by 6-1/2-inch laminating pouches
  • Includes one 12-inch by 12-inch, two 8-1/2-inch by 11-inch, one 8-inch by 8-inch, and one 4-inch by 6-inch album cover

Conclusion ~ I bought this set from Amazon and I am quite pleased with the purchase.  And since I am interested in binding little books, I also added a 6-pack of YourStory glue strips to my cart because I didn’t see these listed in the bundle details.  These are not eligible for free super saver shipping so it cost me $2.00 for the strips plus $4.99 shipping making my overall Amazon purchase $32.41.  I am still happy with the purchase because now I have added a new tool in capturing and treasuring memories.  You can laminate bookmarks, magnets, bind photo albums, note pads, etc. I am not sure why Cricut is throwing the YourStory in as a free bonus but I thank them for the deal and I am grateful Amazon is along for the ride.

I just wanted to share this information in case you were thinking of buying a new paper trimmer or a laminating/binder machine.  If someone didn’t know about this offer, a person interested in buying a YourStory machine would pay around $60-$80 dollars when you can get it for $25-$30 (plus a nice trimmer!) if you buy it at Amazon or It’s worth checking out and would make a great Christmas present for the crafter in your family.  Here are the links to both Amazon and Cricut so you can see pictures of the trimmer and YourStory, as well as their prices.


What are your thoughts?

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