Thanksgiving Pumpkin Card

Here is an A2 sized pumpkin card made out of oval shapes from the Wild Card cartridge.  I used the oval liner on page 39 and hid the contour line inside the oval frame using Design Studio.  I cut three separate ovals at 3 inches. I also welded three 3 inch ovals together to create a pumpkin shape.  I used a tape runner to adhere the welded pumpkin shape to the card base and then glued the left and right ovals on top, saving the middle oval for last which is adhered with foam tape to raise it up for dimension.  The welded pumpkin shape is not necessary to make a pumpkin out of individual ovals.  I just wanted the extra layer, plus it made it easier for me to just lay the individual ovals on top based on the welded “template”.

For the inside of the card, I welded three 1 inch ovals together to achieve the small pumpkin.  Click here for a Design Studio screen shot showing the ovals used for this card. I experimented with different sizes (1, 2, and 3 inches).  You can see the individual ovals colored in orange.  The welded ovals are clear but have a darker line around the shape. This darker line shows you how it will cut in preview mode.  I only used some of the shapes so I have a few extra for other cards.

The pumpkin on the front of the card is embellished with “stitches” using a white gel pen. The pumpkin stem is from Wild Card’s Halloween Jack-O-Lantern card on page 68.  I cut two sizes at 2 and 4 inches.  I trimmed the stem for the larger pumpkin with scissors (out of necessity).  It was going off the card so I trimmed it a bit :).  The stem has come in handy for my 3-D pumpkins, Halloween card, and now this Thanksgiving card.  The lovely green patterned card stock is from Paper Studio’s Natural Botanical stack.  The light orange card stock is from Colorbok which can be purchase at Wal-mart in a 12×12 (30 page) pastels pad for $5.00.  The ribbon is from American Crafts.  The inside “Give Thanks” sentiment is cut from Designer’s Calendar at 1.5 inches.

Thanks for looking!



2 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Pumpkin Card

  1. What a great idea! I never would have thought to do that. I also have the wildcard cartridge and will have to give this a try. I love how the card came out. It looks great!!! The printed background paper is very elegant!

  2. Thanks Sophia! Since my cartridges are limited, I am constantly looking for ways to use shapes I already have and luckily the Wild Card had a nice oval liner that I could use, as well as the stem that belongs to the Halloween card. So it was nice to find everything from that one cartridge to make a nice Thanksgiving card. It’s a simple card but looks elegant I think, especially with the help of the background paper. I love that green paper from Natural Botanical (Hobby Lobby’s Paper Studio line). I got this stack of card stock for 10.00 on sale. I am pleased with how this turned out. Thanks as always for stopping by and for your support! It’s a great encouragement to continue with my hobby and share it with others! 🙂

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