5,000 hits!

Today my blog hit the 5,000th mark.  Thank you to everyone who has stopped by (whether you’re a follower, were looking for something specific, or accidentally stumbled onto my blog)!  I appreciate all visitors who happen to pass this way.  If you come my way again, please feel free to say hello.  I love seeing other people’s blogs and it helps me to find you if you leave a comment.

I thought I would share a picture of Sable taking a “cat” nap with the sun’s rays warming her as she sleeps.  Have a great rest of the day!

Thanks for looking!



10 thoughts on “5,000 hits!

  1. Hey there Paula! Thanks for checking out my blog again :)! Sable’s a mess – she loves that bed (even though I think it’s a dog bed! LOL). But it’s really plush and she likes it folded into a futon-looking bed of comfort. I love this picture of her – she is in her comfortable bliss dreaming away.

  2. Oh how I love this photo of Sable taking a nap in the sun. I just recently adopted a cat I call Riley, a homeless sweetie who came to my front porch one day. My dog Heidi did not like cats and Riley would stand outside the screen peering in and Heidi would stand inside the screen scowling. Heidi passed away June 21, and on June 22 Riley came into his forever home. Sable is beautiful.

  3. Hi Carole! Thanks for visiting again. And thanks for sharing your lovely story about Heidi and Riley. I send my heartfelt condolences to you about losing Heidi. I’m happy that you and Riley found each other when you needed it most at such a sad time. Riley is very lucky to have found you! Sable too was a homeless 6 month old kitty, along with her two litter mates. Someone had abandoned them at my parent’s farm. My DH and I took all three in and sadly we lost Sable’s brother Shelby in July (he was a little over one year old and it’s a complete mystery why he died). So I have my older cat Savannah (going on 12), and Sable and her sister Isabelle who will both be 2 in March. All three get along very well which is nice considering their age difference and we have been filled with so much love from our cats. They are true members of the family. Take care, Vanessa

  4. Our hearts just break when we lose one of our cherished fur babies. I am so sorry about the loss of your sweet cats. Whomever owned Riley loved him dearly because his demeanor is so sweet and loving, and he came into my home completely at ease with the litter box, the blue recliner, my dining room table and anything he can open and crawl into. He is safe. And very much loved. Meantime I am feeding Meow Meow and his sister Sweetie on my back porch. Me…who hadn’t owned a cat since I was 21. … and since I am 74, that is a very long time. I’ve had dogs all through those years. I love my Riley and he loves me. You have a wonderful day, Vanessa.

    • Thank you Carole for your lovely comment. And that’s wonderful to hear that Riley has a sweet demeanor and that he can share his loveable self with you. He is blessed to have found you and I know he is happy and secure now. Animals are wonderful creatures – so sweet, innocent, and loving. Blessings to you and Riley and Meow Meow and Sweetie. Have a wonderful weekend! ~Vanessa

    • Hi Helen, thanks for stopping by again and for the wonderful comment! I appreciate your feedback. I find great enjoyment from your photography as well. I love visiting your blog! You are so talented and create such elegant photos. Hope you have a wonderful weekend! ~Vanessa

    • Thanks Sophia! And thank you for helping make it happen! Your support of my cards on this blog has helped that count rise. Thank you for checking out my projects. I really appreciate your feedback and I have learned so much from your blog as well. Your crafts and cards have helped me learn about products I have never tried or didn’t even realize existed! So thanks for the crafting support and the moral support! 🙂 Take care! ~Vanessa

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