My Hubby is the Best Hubby in the World!

Yesterday I wasn’t feeling too well (a cold is coming on) and my husband, Glen was still enjoying the last day of his vacation from work but he decided to get dressed and go in to town.  I stayed home to convalesce and when Glen came home, he surprised me with cold medicine from the grocery store and goodies from Hobby Lobby.  Here’s some history ~ over the last few weeks, I had mentioned to Glen that my Cricut mats were getting pretty used up and that I would just order some from Amazon.  The last time we went to Wal-mart, we learned that they only carry the small 6×12 mats which will not fit my Cricut Expression.  I made my last two cards securing the paper down with Scotch tape.  So apparently, Glen not only listens to my mundane conversations about non-sticky mats but he pays attention to my card making hobby as well.  To my amazement, he knew exactly what to buy.  He came home with two new 12×24 mats (because he knows I love to make my own envelopes) and two new 12×12 mats.  And that’s not all!  He bought me two sets of Sizzix embossing folders!  One is the Corners and Damask Set containing: Corners, Damask (A2) and Damask #5 (A2).  The other is the Birds and Wreath Set containing: Birds of a Feather (A2) and Wreath, Elegant (A2).    I can not wait to try out these new folders!  I was surprised he knew which folders to buy.  My Sizzix Texture Boutique embossing machine only takes A2 and smaller folders and he bought the right size.  I was impressed.  Glen’s hobbies involve mechanical and woodworking tools.  Over the years, I have learned what his favorite brands are but I am still not sure what to buy without a cheat sheet containing item numbers to help me get the right stuff.  Yet, my loving husband apparently knows the tools I use to make the cards I love.  It says a lot about someone who cares enough about you to know what you love and need.  I gave my husband two hugs and a kiss on the cheek because the gift of love was so apparent in his trip to the store.  It wasn’t just the items he bought me but that he truly cares about my interests.  The cold medicine was just as special too.  So thoughtful, so loving.  Glen truly is the best hubby in the world!


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