Late Summer Card

I was playing in my craft room/guest room again today and made another card just for fun.  I am eagerly awaiting the official kick off for Autumn (it’s my favorite season) and I love how the greens and oranges of this card symbolize both late summer and early fall.  The card is simple to make and is quite minimalistic too, but I think the simplicity makes it interesting to look at.  The only Cricut item used was the Cuttlebug folder called “Stylized Flower”.  I decided to color in the embossed image with some Scholastic brand colored pencils.  I hole punched two holes near the top of the first two layers to run ribbon through it to tie a bow before adhering these layers to the orange card base.  I used a corner punch on all of the layers prior to adhering.A few weeks ago I bought a new Cricut cartridge at Wal-mart called Cricut Lite Bloom.  It was originally $39.99 but Wal-mart was selling all of their Lite cartridges for $20.00.  I am not sure if they are just trying to move out the older cartridges to bring newer ones in or if they are planning to not sell any more in the future.  I only bought one but I think I should have grabbed a few more because I priced some of these older ones on Amazon and Wal-mart is offering a great deal compared to Amazon and  I have never bought a cartridge directly from Cricut’s website because they appear to be higher than other places.  Anyhoo, I can’t wait to use the Bloom cartridge but I need to get some more mats.  Wal-mart only carried the 6X12 mats which are too small for my Expression.  I guess I will go to Hobby Lobby to get them or just order some 12X12 and 12X24 mats from Amazon.  My mats are pretty used up.  I have one 12×12 that is beyond hopeless now and my two 12X24 mats are close to being tossed out too.  I have been resorting to tape to hold down my paper lately and it just makes your heart sink when your nice patterned paper starts to get dragged around the mat and destroyed because the mat is not sticky enough.  I have tried the baby wipe method to prolong the stickiness of the mats but now I think it’s time to just buy some more.  While I’m at it, I just remembered I need to get a new Zig 2 Way glue pen too because it’s about out as well.  Oh, the costs of doing the things you love!

Update: I don’t like the lighting where this picture was taken so I went outside and took some photos in the bright sun.  My camera does better outside than inside.  Here is the front and inside of the card.  Click on the pictures to get a larger view.

Thanks for looking!



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