Romantic Getaway Card

Here is the finished card I am giving to my husband to thank him for the romantic St. Mary’s trip he has planned for us!  This is a 5X7 scenery card focused on the bed and breakfast we will be staying in.  Our B&B room has light blue wallpaper and Victorian-era wide baseboard trim in white.   This card is truly a labor of love.  I had to scour through my cartridges to create new images by using Cricut’s Design Studio because my current cartridges don’t have any furniture or windows. I think it’s time to buy more cartridges :)!

I made the window by placing four 1 inch Walk in My Garden squares inside of a 2 1/2″ WIMG square (no welding so that Cricut would cut the 1″ squares out and leave a window result).  I then cut another 2 1/2″ square on white card stock so that I could create an ocean scene with some Crayola chalks.  I did the water first with blue, green, and yellow chalk and then created a sunset with orange, yellow, and purple chalk.  Next I lightly colored in a light blue sky with chalk and then used a pencil eraser to create clouds.  I used a black pen to draw in some birds flying over the water.  I used Dollar Tree glitter glue pens in blue, green, and yellow on the water, let it dry, and then followed up with Star Dust Stickles for waves.  I glued the window frame on top of the ocean scene last.

The table consists of taking the shape on Pg. 51 of Accent Essentials and rotating it 90 degrees to get the table’s ornate feet and then adding shrunken square shapes (on Pg. 58) for the table top and table stand.  It took some maneuvering and welding to get the resulting look.  The table cloth was an after thought because I thought the table looked too plain.  So I cut out a table cloth by hand and used a black pen to add folds and creases.  The mirror was another creative moment.  I needed something for the wall so I found a shape on the Storybook cartridge (Dandelion Accent/Frame on Pg. 43) that could pass for a decorative oval mirror which I cut in tan paper (trying to make it look like a gold frame).  I cut the shape again in white to get the white oval “mirror” which I added Star Dust Stickles to for a shimmery look to mimic a mirror’s reflection.  The coffee cups and coffee pot are courtesy of some scrapbook stickers I had in my stash.  I thought it was fitting for a Bed and Breakfast card.  I used a ruler and black pen to add slats to the “wooden” floor and then I colored in some knots in the wood.  I also used a ruler and black pen on a strip of white card stock to get the appearance of wide baseboard trim.  I cut a thinner strip of white card stock for crown molding at the top of the card.    The scallop envelope is cut in blackout from the Wild Card cartridge at 5 inches (Pg. 32).  I also cut the coordinating liner at 5 inches.  All of the patterned paper is from My Mind’s Eye’s Simply Delightful paper stack.

For the inside of the card, I wrote a thank you note to my husband using Word and clip art and printed it on white card stock.  The message highlights details of our upcoming trip so that it can be a keepsake of our time at St. Marys.  I used foam tape to raise the sentiment from the base.  I can’t wait for our trip and I plan to give my hubby his card when we get there.  It should be a fun, romantic trip with beautiful scenery.  We plan on exploring the riverfront, watching boats come in, and exploring Cumberland Island.  We hope to glimpse wild horses and whitetail deer and I also read that dolphins follow the ferry as it travels to the island.  We will have to have our cameras ready!

Thanks for looking!



2 thoughts on “Romantic Getaway Card

  1. Hi Sophia! Thanks for the lovely comment and liking the post! The window is my favorite part too. It was the first thing I did in making the card because I wasn’t too sure if I could pull off an ocean scene. Luckily, it only took one try and it was passable :). I am not that great at drawing so working with chalks helped me out because I was able to blend or erase when needed. Thanks again for checking out the card I made. I hope the hubby likes it :).

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