Romantic Getaway – Inspiration for Another Card

My wonderful husband has surprised me with a romantic getaway to St. Marys.  He kept it a secret for a while until he realized that he was going to have to tell me something so I would know what to pack and what type of shoes to wear!  I ordered myself a pair of Skechers because I needed (and wanted) some good walking shoes that are also part sandal for the heat.  Here is what they look like: but I got them from Sears for only $27.99 with a $5.00 Sears 2011 promo code, plus free shipping since I also bought my hubby a pair of Dockers shoes for the trip!

Apparently there are more surprises in store regarding arrangements at the Bed & Breakfast because strategic phone calls have been placed between my husband and our B&B hostess.  The last call received so far was late yesterday afternoon but I don’t know what they talked about and hubby ain’t talking ;).  Here is what I do know – we will be staying at the Goodbread House Bed & Breakfast Inn! I am so excited.  During our stay, we will be enjoying a ferry ride to Cumberland Island.  Our gracious B&B hostess will supply us with boxed lunches to enjoy while we explore the island.  What a nice amenity!  Cumberland Island is home to wild horses, whitetail deer, wild turkeys, and loggerhead sea turtles.  I hope we will have the chance to glimpse one of these amazing animals.  It should be a lot of fun and a nice break for us!  Here is the link to the B&B –  We will be staying in the The Gable & Lombard Suite.

I plan to make a card to give to my husband on the trip to thank him for this romantic retreat.  I am thinking of making a scenery card – a card that depicts our B&B room with light blue wallpaper and have a window overlooking the ocean.  I will have to play around with the ocean part to see if I can make that happen :).  If not, I will have it overlooking something!  I will post it here when I have it completed.  Stay tuned!


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