Fishing and Boating in the Deep South

My husband and I had a wonderful time last weekend taking our jon boat out for a spin at our local state park.  Granted, it was a hot day with temperatures around 96 degrees but we still enjoyed our little nature excursion.  While on the water, we got our first glimpse of an alligator swimming around and yes, this is a Georgia lake!  When I think of alligators, I think of Florida and Louisiana, but we have them here too.  There are signs posted that say ‘No Swimming – Alligators Present’ but it was an exciting moment for us to witness proof of their existence at the park first hand.  Unfortunately, as our boat glided closer to the area where the alligator lurched, he went under before my camera was ready.  We went back to the same area a couple of hours later, casting our fishing line along the way, in the hopes of having another glimpse of the elusive reptile.  But with other boats disturbing the tranquility of the water, we didn’t get to see him rise from the murky waters for one last goodbye.

After spending three hours fishing and only managing to catch one 2 lb. bass, we headed back in.  On the way, I spotted what appeared to be an oak snake hunting for a meal by slithering his way in and out of a bird house provided by the park rangers.  If you look closely at the picture, you can see what appears to be an egg lodged in its belly.  The pictures show him retreating from the house after he acquired his meal and making his way back into the protection of a cypress tree.

I love these pictures of cattails swaying in the breeze and of the bald cypress trees and the Spanish moss clinging to its limbs.  In the humid heat, with sweat beading on our foreheads and rolling down to sting our eyes, the breeze was welcoming.  The moss blowing in the wind is indicative of those brief moments of relief we experienced as we made the most of our fishing trip in the hot heat of southern Georgia.


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