Bemused Butterfly

The solitary butterfly rode the wind with falling leaves as companions.  A blanket of greens and blues from the evening sky enveloped his flight.   Lost in his own thought, he enjoyed the summer winds that aided his travel.  It wasn’t a journey of necessity, but a flight of abandonment and joy.


I made the above butterfly card just for fun. There was no deadline and there was no theme in mind. I just started stamping free-style with no apparent path. This is what evolved from my afternoon of creating from my mind. It is completely handmade. I didn’t use my Cricut or any computer device. I used my brain, a paper cutter, a corner rounder, some stamps, chalk, and a clear embossing pen and embossing pad. I added a ribbon and some adhesive gems to add some interest. The chalk and embossing ink created a watercolor effect which I would love to explore more in the future. I didn’t use any special chalks either. I just used a couple of cotton swabs and a cheap pack of Crayola chalks I had laying around. The card gives me a dreamy, fairy-like feel so I was inspired to write the above narrative.


One thought on “Bemused Butterfly

  1. Love your card – the gems and ribbon are the perfect accent and the soft chalking is great. I haven’t used that technique in too long. Thanks for the inspiring reminder, I’ll be digging out my chalks again soon!!

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