I Will Never Forget You


April 7, 2000 – June 1, 2011

Our Sweet, Happy Boy

Forever Loved and Remembered

“The Romans”


2 thoughts on “I Will Never Forget You

  1. Thank you so much for sharing this journey. Those of us who have learned about this horrible monster disease are here because of ‘diagnosis’ of our own dear hearts. I wish I still lived in the world where I didn’t know of this disease. Those days before my kitty’s affliction were much, much sweeter! Though we didn’t get the miracle we prayed for, our Vet staff were wonderful with her and shared in her last day, June 7th, 2013, just last Friday. I’m sure you can relate that I’ve been sitting here online searching for any tidbit that will help me understand FIP better. To find some small morsel of information or wisdom that will ease the anguish of going through this with my kitty, Bisquit. Of seeing her warrior heart try to endure a battle that was over before it began. I appreciate so much sharing some similarities in your story. The ache in me is a little less for having shared your experience. My biggest regret – having no magic wand. My biggest blessing – the ability to give intense care and love to her in the short time she was sick. My biggest gift – knowing I could make her breathe better and her pain diminish and the three times I felt like we looked into the souls of each other’s eyes. Euthanasia was, for her inevitable. I was honored to promise and fulfill that she never be alone. And now she is free – likely sharing funny Caregiver stories with your Roman. :0) Thank you, again.

    • Thank you Carrie. Your comment touched my heart. I send my deepest sympathy for the loss of your beloved, Bisquit. Roman’s older sister (my sister’s cat) was named Biscuit with a “c” so that touched me to see that connection but I’m so sorry that your Bisquit had to endure this horrible disease. I still can’t believe this happened to Roman. I had never heard of FIP until I saw his tummy so swollen and began to research online, and then I called the vet because whatever the cause, something was truly wrong. I go through days where Roman is on my mind a lot – he was today and then I checked my blog and saw your touching comment. I am so sorry for your loss. You and I both share the quest for knowledge to understand what FIP is and what it means to those who are battling it. It’s so frustrating that there is no cure or preventative measures to keep this from happening to anyone else. It’s also a shock when one week your cat is completely fine and then the next, you see a swollen abdomen and you wonder what is going on and then you learn there is nothing that can be done. I mourned and still do as if I lost a close relative. Roman was more than a pet. He was my feline child as I haven’t been blessed with children. So my cats are my children. I hope in the days and months to come, you will have peace and only happy memories of Bisquit. When we had to have Roman put to sleep because he could no longer breathe without difficulty, I thought the pain of losing him would never end. I’d look at pictures and cry or just think about him and I was in a bad place of deep sadness. But I’ve now come to a place where I can go through the pictures and remember him as the loving and happy kitty he was and I can smile. I like your statement about looking into the souls of each other’s eyes. Bisquit knew how much you loved her. Roman and I had that same experience. I would lay on the bathroom floor to be near him and just look into his eyes and we held a long glance of understanding and love. I think they know more than we can imagine. And yes, now Roman and Bisquit are free – no more suffering and only happiness! Thank you for sharing your story. Blessings to you! My thoughts and prayers are with you! ~Vanessa

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