Five Feline Family Members

My husband and I have five cats.  It started out with my two that I had when I was single ~ Roman and Savannah who were born in April 2000.  They will be 11 years old next month.  Roman is a Tuxedo Mix and Savannah is a Calico Tabby or caliby.  Roman is a happy-go-lucky cat with a great personality.  He is a sweet, gentle soul and he loves to lay between us at night.  Savannah is more spirited, stubborn, intelligent, and a bit moody :).  Savannah is more vocal than Roman too.  Roman hardly ever utters a sound.  Savannah, however, gets her point across.  When she lays with us, she is usually perched on my back which sometimes doesn’t last long when I get up and put her out.

Last March, we added three more cats to our lives but admittedly we weren’t looking for this addition.  We took in three abandoned 6 month old kittens (1 boy and 2 girls).  Their age was estimated by our local vet.  They were scared, thirsty, and very hungry.  My heart went out to them and the rest is history.  Shelby is the boy, and then there is Sable and Isabelle.  Shelby is what my sister termed as a whiner and she is so right.  Every time he speaks it sounds like he is whining in an irritating pitch but I still love him.  He seems to only whine when he wants a cat treat.  He seems to be a good manipulator, is quite intelligent, and can be a bit of a trouble-maker.  Sable is quiet like Roman.  She is very reserved, elegant, mature, smart.  Sometimes she reminds me of how a queen might act.  And then there is Isabelle.  She is a classic looking Tabby with white markings.  The words that come to mind when I think of her are: cute, acts like a baby, a little slow in the upstart, loves to sleep or just be comfortable (has to have the best nap area), loves to stretch and lay on her back, a follower, likes to meow silently (where her mouth moves but nothing comes out) but you know it when she wants something, unlike Roman and Sable who seem to never have an opinion one way or another.  Isabelle is also a bit crazy especially when she is playing and gets so worked up.  Her ears are twitched just so and her big eyes remind you of the Mad Hatter.  I think she is funny and she makes me smile.  They are now a year old this month.

It’s amazing how cats all have very distinct personalities.  All five of my cats are unique and I love each one of them for their own special ways.


2 thoughts on “Five Feline Family Members

  1. Thank you Mrs. Joanne! Your cats are very beautiful too and I always enjoy getting to see them. They are not only beautiful, but have lovely personalities. Two very sweet and loving cats. Hope you are doing well. Pet your kitties for me :)!

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